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Government Killing Innocent Americans

Written by Armand Serio
Sunday, 05 April 2009 02:40

Just in the past few days, between the killings in Binghamton, New York a couple of days ago and the tragic incedent in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, today.  This is proof that our government and the decisions that they are making lately are killing innocent Americans.


Thirteen people were killed by a  loan gunman yesterday and today three dedicated police officers were also fatally killed.

If you listen to the local news about these two isolated incidents. Both gunman were wearing bullet proof vests and armed to the maximum with weapons and ammunition.  The real story lies in what motivated them to do such a tragic thing?  Don't get me wrong, no one has the right to take the lives of others, but if we are to look at these two incidents and several others that are going on all around America in the past few months.  Their is definitly a sign of some type of trend emerging.

The gunman in the Binghamton, New York shooting rampage was said to be having problems with learning the English language and finding a job.  A friend of the other gunman in the Pittsburgh, PA shooting said he recieved a call from his friend (the shooter) prior to the killing of the three police officers.  He said his friend said he was going to die and that it had something to do with not being employed and the fact that the "media" wasn't reporting the truth about our country and what our government is doing to our country.

Lets step back for a moment. Could these two horrible tragedies have been avoided. I'm no expert on these matters but I can say that when ordinary human beings have nowhere or no one to turn to in a time of need, these events cannot be avoided.  Our government is well aware of the highest unemployment rate in U.S. history. Our government is also aware that with over "five million" unemployed Americans and the fact that they want to pass the Dream Act and Amnesty for well over "twelve million" Illegal Immigrants. Its just a ticking bomb waiting to go off.

My wholehearted feelings go out to all involved in these recent chain of events. Both to the victims, the law enforcement officers who had to respond and the families of the ones who gave their lives and also to the "disturbed individuals" and their families, who thought they would make a difference in our government by killing innocent people.

Where is President Obama on these tough issues? Where are our Supreme Court justices? Where are our local and federal politicians when these things happen? I'm sure they will all make their usual, "this was a tragedy" speeches. It's too late, peoples lives have been affected forever. I write to the President and my Congressional leaders on a weekly basis. Do you know what I get as a response?

Thank you for your concern, "I did this and I did that" to make sure that this or that doesn't happen. Blah, Blah, Blah. Same old political backsteping jargon. Its time for a change in government. Its time everyone spoke up no matter what your ethnic background or "class" in the working world.

President Obama needs to be held accountable for the actions he "is or is not" taking to "ensure" that America and Americans are his first and foremost priority in these United States of America. Pure and simple, stop giving in to all the special interest groups of people with the "briefcases" full of money and promises.

Let me predict something here. The people up there on Capitol Hill. The people we elected to speak for us, the people who we expected were going to do the right thing for the "little people", before they got elected and made all their beautiful campaign speeches. They just aren't doing their job. They are just seeing how much they can bank before they retire. Its like the old saying, "the person with the most toys before they die, "wins the game". MY PREDICTIONS ARE: THE GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO USE THESE TWO INCEDENTS TO MAKE A CASE FOR "OBAMA" TO TRY TO CHANGE THE "CONSTITUTION" AND OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS TO "BEAR ARMS". Another realistic step towards controling our lives and our Constitutional Rights. If President Obama is so concerned with the Constitution and our rights as American Citizens. Why doesn't he produce his "Vault Copy" of his "Birth Certificate and show that he is truely "qualified" to be the President. Because, my friends. He is not, and doesn't care that he has pulled the biggest hoax in American history on American people.

At whose expense? Obviously, yours and mine and the people who's lives have been tragically taken away recently. President Obama doesn't have to worry about becoming a victim of any type of crime like these. He's heavily guarded by Secret Service paid for with our tax dollars. What do you think his reaction would be if he had to serve his Presidency in a "bad, drug or illegal alien infested neighborhood"?  Not alone but with his wife and children and no Secret Service to hide behind. Would his choice of a dog be a "pit bull"? Think about it.....

His view of our country would be different and maybe, just maybe, he might get the message and get rid of all the "bottom feeders" up their on Capitol Hill, including himself. Just maybe we could actually elect someone who doesn't speak with a " forked tongue" everytime he is in front of the media. He's just playing a game and loves hearing himself talk. Listen to him sometimes. He'll be giving a speech and he talks so much unbelievable garbage,and so fast, that he finishes his sentences with thoughts and words that have notlhing to do with what he was talking about in the first place.

My friends, if you want to get anything from this article, the most important thing is to "pay attention"  and "read between the lines" and "think out of the box", this advice will not only show you the true side of what our government is doing to our country as we speak. It will also show you how to get involved and speak up, speak out, so it doesn't continue to take " INNOCENT LIVES".

Thank you and God Bless All, Armand Serio, President, Usanot4sale.com



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